Last updated May 2018

2018 workshop program

Non-members please note that if you do multiple workshops during 2018, you need only pay the Associate Membership fee of $25.00 once.

photo of basil hall.jpg
Basil Hall
sat. 21 & sun. 22 July

copper etching with chine collé incorporating hand colouring using pure pigment with basil hall

Learn traditional etching skills with masterprinter Basil Hall using copper plates and ferric chloride which is a safer, effective way to work.

Gain experience in the techniques of soft ground and hard ground, and experiment with different mark marking, drawing and printing techniques such as chine collé and using pure pigments to add colour to your prints.

Time: 10am to 4pm
Members: $300.00
Non members: $325.00
Bookings: Susan@printstudio.org.au.

Dianne Fogwell
linocut -61 x 150cm
pollen musica continuum.jpg
Dianne Fogwell
Pollen Musica Continumm - infinite_3
sat. 29 & sun. 30 september

relief in layers with dianne fogwell

This weekend workshop is a master class about unravelling the making of the block for relief printing. We will explore the bold, graphic and fine nature of relief printing by looking at experimental and traditional block making processes such as shaped blocks, jigsaw and hand saw techniques, fine line cutting, transfer processes, burnishing, caustic etching and the found object.

We will also look at elements such as how to draw for the block, printing methods including staining, stencilling, dusting and Chine-collé. I will show you examples of art work and ready-made blocks to illustrate the processes involved in producing the printed outcome.

There will be presentation of examples, discussion of ideas, demonstrations, notes and each participant will have the opportunity to make blocks and prints of selected processes in a portfolio for future reference to use in their own studio practice. I will bring some cutting tools and rollers for purchase.

More about Dianne Fogwell ...

Time: 10am to 4pm
Members: $300.00
Non members: $325.00
Bookings: Susan@printstudio.org.au.

Barbie Kjar
sat. 24 & sun. 25 november

mokulito (wood lithography) with barbie kjar

Mokulito is a print technique developed in the 1970's by Ozaku Schissi in Japan and more recently by Polish artist Ewa Budka.

Mokulito utilizes and adapts the principles of lithography allowing you to print from a wooden surface rather than a stone or aluminium plate. The Mokulito technique is incredibly versatile. It combines the marks of lithography and woodcut on the same plywood plate. The inking up stage is fluid and exciting.

The workshop will be in two stages. Part 1 will involve preparing the surface of the plywood plate and then drawing and painting your image. Part 2 will involve experimenting with colours and inking up the plywood lithographic plate.

More about Barbie Kjar ...

Time: 10am to 4pm
Members: $300.00
Non members: $325.00
Bookings: Susan@printstudio.org.au.

Workshop Cancellation Policy

Workshops organised by the Warringah Printmakers Studio require a minimum number of enrolments to proceed. Therefore, payment must be made straight after booking, preferably by bank transfer but cheques and cash will be accepted.

Refunds will only be given at the Studio's discretion & if:

  • Payment is received after the workshop has been filled.
  • The workshop is cancelled by the Studio (eg. due to insufficient numbers).
  • The participant withdraws from the workshop at least 14 days prior to commencement of the workshop. NOTE: a $50.00 fee will apply.
  • Cancellations within 14 days of the workshop commencement will receive a refund of part only of the course fee (equal to the course fee less a cancellation charge of $125.00 to cover payment of the tutor).

The request to withdraw from the workshop must be made to the Workshop Co-ordinator before the commencement of the workshop. Non-attendance without notification of withdrawal will not receive a refund.

  • Please visit the membership page for more information about membership.
  • Please read the Studio guidelines before attending the course.