PrintSAFE Exhibition

Cherry Hood on Opening Night.

Warringah Printmakers Studio presented the PrintSAFE Exhibition in September 2003. As well as highlighting methods and techniques which are safer for both the printmaker & the environment, the exhibition was designed to be inspirational & educational. It was hoped that artists seeing the exhibition would be encouraged to engage in a healthier approach to making prints.

Australian and International artists contributed a range of prints with varying subjects, styles & media. These wonderful artworks demonstrated that it is possible to use safer techniques while retaining the unique qualities normally associated with traditional printmaking. A selection of the artworks making up the exhibition, as well as a short biography of the contributing artists, may be found below.

PrintSAFE commenced with an opening speech by Cherry Hood, 2002 Archibald Prize winner. Over the four-day period of the exhibition the working space of the print studio was transformed into a small gallery. Each afternoon there were demonstrations of safer printmaking techniques. This project was supported by Warringah Council.

Intaglio Photopolymer

anthea boesenberg

Anthea Boesenberg educational background includes Bachelor of Arts Sydney University; Fine Arts, Sydney University; Art Certificate Seaforth TAFE; Post Certificate Printmaking, Seaforth TAFE. She has been Committee President at Warringah Printmakers Studio & provided much of the impetus to improve the working environment of the studio. Usually she works with the intaglio techniques of etching and photopolymer & uses her photographs as source material for imagery.

I think every printmaker should explore the potential that safer printmaking techniques offer. This is particularly important for artists working in a communal situation or teaching printmaking processes.

Waterless Lithograph
Chine Collé

greg carter

Greg Carter is from Statesboro, Georgia, USA. Greg received his MFA from Rutgers University and his BFA from Atlanta College of Art. In 1988 he received the Fulbright-Hays Scholar Award for research in the visual arts and spent a year at the Fine Arts Academy of Finland in Helsinki.

Greg is a mixed media printmaker who explores the relationship of personal & social structures for creating meaning in our lives.

Monotype with Retirage.
Hahnemuhle Paper.
Createx & Gouache.

annie day

Annie Day is a portrait painter who has had work hung in the Portia Geech & Doug Moran Portrait Prizes and has completed several commissioned portraits of people such as Sir Ron Brierley & Professor James Bishop.

The human image remains her major interest but she has found a new freedom to experiment with colour & texture in her exploration of printmaking.

Digital Image
Non-Etch Intaglio

brent haddock

Brent Haddock teaches printmaking at the College of Eastern Utah in Price, Utah. His semi-abstract, intaglio prints are characterized by graphic compositions, natural elements of design & subtle colour harmonies.

Hand printed, my images are made using the creative & expressive dynamics of a new, safer, non-toxic approach to printmaking that uses no harmful acids, solvents or chemicals. I am currently exploring the possibilities of the ImagOn process. My prints are non-etch images on copper plates printed on a Dickerson combination etching press or a Sakura etching press.

Collagraph (monoprint)

joan hartmann

Joan Hartmann was a teacher at Warringah Printmakers Studio for over 15 years. She has a Diploma of Painting, National Art School, Sydney & a Master of Art, Printmaking, College of Fine Arts, NSW University. Her works have been exhibited in Australia, Chile, USA, and Norway & are included in collections in many other countries.

Collagraphs are an alternative solution to the use of the metals & toxic acids of traditional etching processes. Intaglio collagraphs produce an extensive range of vigorous line, texture & pattern. Using cardboard as the base, I leave the surface untouched, torn away or built up with gesso, providing an undulating, textured surface of many tones. The plate is printed on damp paper to get the maximum effect of the textured surface & inked in many layered colours. The images are about the meeting of women, their dreams, desires & relationships - intimate moments set in vast landscapes rich in texture & colour.

Photo Printed Digitally

david hoptman

David Hoptman studied photography at the College of Creative Studies in Detroit & Oakland University in Rochester MI. He has been a commercial & fine art photographer in Santa Fe N.M. and the Southwest United States for more than twenty three years. He has specialized in architectural & interior photography as well as landscapes & portraiture but also works in printmaking, bronze sculpture & ceramics.

Further information: www.davidhoptman.com

Non-Etch Intaglio-Type

keith howard

Keith Howard is Head of Printmaking and Research at the Rochester Institute of Technology School of Art and is considered the foremost authority within the field of non-toxic intaglio printmaking. In the last decade he has delivered over 100 workshops and seminars on his non-toxic intaglio printmaking innovations world wide.

Japanese woodblock
Water soluble pigments
Japanese kozo 100%

roslyn kean

Roslyn Kean was born in Sydney, Australia. She Studied at the National School of Art, Sydney and the Stillito Design School, Sydney. She was awarded a Higher Diploma in Fine Art, Slade School of Fine art, University College London (UCL), London, a Japanese Government "Monbusho" Research Scholarship and was a Research Graduate, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo.

Printmaking has always been a passion & following a decade of intense oil based screen printing it was time to consider both my health & the environment. In 1985 I was successful in being awarded a research grant to Japan in order to investigate all aspects of traditional woodblock printing. With materials such as jasmine scented inks it is almost aromatherapy.


mikael kihlman

Mikael Kihlman was born in Uppsala 1953 & is a resident of Stockholm. A member of the Swedish Printmakers Association, the Swedish Artist's Union & Grafik i Våst, Gothenburg, he has been participating in group exhibitions since 1978, & has had many solo shows. Mikael has won many awards, including the 1st prize at Sophia Bulgaria in 1978 & the Sponsors prize at the Montreal International Miniprint Biennial in 2002.

Further information: www.kihlman.net/mikael/

Aluminium Etching.

linda kruger

Linda Kruger began printmaking in 1996 at the Warringah Printmakers Studio, & has worked with a variety of techniques including relief, solarplate & intaglio. She has also worked as a teacher at the studio, running ten-week term classes, classes for local indigenous students & a weekend workshop in multi-plate etching. She regularly exhibits her work as part of the Warringah Printmakers Studio, & in smaller group exhibitions.

Silk Aquatint.

rebecca marsh mccannell

Rebecca Marsh McCannell has been teaching drawing, lithography, intaglio, screen printing & relief printmaking at Western Oregon University since 1995. She received her MFA from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb. IL. For the past eight years, she has been exploring non-toxic alternatives to traditionally hazardous printmaking processes. Her research has included polyester plate lithography & photo polymer-based intaglio processes.