Last updated December 2019

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a safer studio

After becoming incorporated in 1997, the Warringah Printmakers Studio started working towards turning the workshop into a safer space by using alternative techniques to traditional etchants and solvents. The teachers at that time were very supportive of the initiative and kept a diary of observations about the newer techniques & materials. Knowledge acquired was shared and problem solving became part of the printmaking routine.
The Warringah Printmakers Studio acknowledges & thanks all of the printmakers who helped in our development as a safer printmaking studio.



Ad Stijnman, a printmaker & print historian from the Netherlands, has studied the dangers of traditional printmaking, researched less toxic procedures & given good counsel to the Studio. The following links are to essays written by Ad which are testament of his research in this area.


Workshops by visiting printmakers have been particularly helpful in showing the way towards a safer printmaking studio:-


safer printmaking links